Virtuix Omni VR Games

Now you can walk, run and battle around in the virtual reality world with your friends, colleagues or family members! Teleport into your favourite VR games and battle together!


Genre : Shooter, Multiplayer, Arcade
Player : 1-4

Age : 6 - 60 years old



Survive waves of robots and defend the Powercores in Core Defence! Team up with other players and go for the high score on the Omniverse leaderboards!



Omni Area - Core Defense 

Genre : Shooter, Multiplayer, Arcade
Player : 2-4

Age : 6 - 60 years old




Compete against your friends in this battle game! Score points by occupying the Hardpoint. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins!




Omni Area - Hard Point 

Genre : Shooter, Multiplayer,
Player : 1-6

Age : 8 - 60 years old




Compete for the most kills against your friends or AI controlled bots in a challenging deathmatch where every shot counts! This military shooter features 8 different weapons, 2 character classes, and multiplayers for up to 6 people. Get ready for a firefight?




Genre : Shooter, Multiplayer
Player : 2-6

Age : 8 - 60 years old




Genre : Shooter, Multiplayer
Player : 1-6

Age : 8 - 60 years old




Do you remember Counter Strike? Team up and compete for the most kills against your friends or AI controlled bots in a challenging deathmatch in the maps of Counter Strike! Choose your favourite guns and get ready for a firefight!

Hyper Drome 

Red October

Crisis Action VR 

Challenge your friends in the futuristic, neon-lit "Hyperdrome". You will battle each other with powerful laser weapons and an "instant-kill" sword, while defending yourself with see-through shield. Gain a temporary advantage with the "god-mode" power up, and chase your terrified opponents across the stage!



VRZ: Torment 

Genre : Shooter, Horror, Multiplayer
Player : 1-6

Age : 7 - 80 years old




Up to 6 players can team up to fight hordes of zombies using a huge arsenal of firearms including shotguns, rifles, miniguns and revolvers! Try to get the high score before you and your teammates run out of lives, and don't let the zombies surround you!

Genre : Arcade, Shooter
Player : 1

Age : 6 - 70 years old




Discover a new level of VR action gaming in an epic battle between you and the machines! Feel your heart race as you pick up military-grade weapons to fight off the evil robots out to take you down! Make it through without losing a life, and go for headshots and group kills to achieve the highest score.





TRAVR : Shadow Ops

Genre : Shooter, Horror
Player : 1

Age : 6 - 60 years old




Take on the role of a secret agent called upon to solve mysterious occurrences in the near future. Agent Omega is transported to a covert "Blacksite" facility where a team of scientists has been attempting to weaponise a holy artifact linked to demonic possession. Prepare to face the awful fallout of these experiments!




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