Virtuix Omni VR Games

Now you can walk, run and battle around in the virtual reality world with your friends, colleagues or family members! Teleport into your favourite VR games and battle together!


Coin Rush

Genre : Kids
Player : 1

Age : 6 - 60 years old



Collect gold coins in this colourful island adventure for all ages! Find the springloaded boxing glove to punch away bombs and cute but dangerous animals. Race across vanishing clouds and avoid the flamethrowers to reach the end of each stage safely and defeat the bomb-firing tank boss!



Bow Master

Genre : Kids
Player : 1

Age : 6 - 60 years old




What better place to practice your archery skills than a tropical island hideaway? Shoot the bullseye targets with speed and accuracy to set the high score. Hitting the cross targets will forfeit points. Race against the clock to complete the course. Keep practicing to improve your skills and become a Bow Master!




Quell 4D

Genre : Kids
Player : 1

Age : 6 - 60 years old




Quell 4 is about shooting first and asking questions later, in a "retro but awesome" vector art style. You will make use of six guns, tailored for different situations. Featuring three intricate bosses with unique mechanics - expect some intense firefights in proper "bullet hell" fashion.




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Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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