Virtuix Omni VR Games

Now you can walk, run and battle around in the virtual reality world with your friends, colleagues or family members! Teleport into your favourite VR games and battle together!


Genre : Shooter, Horror, Multiplayer
Player : 1-6

Age : 7 - 80 years old



Up to 6 players can team up to fight hordes of zombies using a huge arsenal of firearms including shotguns, rifles, miniguns and revolvers! Try to get the high score before you and your teammates run out of lives, and don't let the zombies surround you!



VRZ: Torment 

Genre : Horror
Player : 1

Age : 16 - 60 years old




Choose one of three paths and taken on The Manor, where terror lies at every turn. There are no puzzles to solve or coins to collect, just nightmares to face! With its immersive sound and graphics, Affected The Manor has become on the most popular VR horror games. Can you make it to the end without screaming?




Genre : Horror
Player : 1

Age : 16 - 60 years old




Affected The Manor

The Bellows

The Exorcist: Legion VR

Genre : Horror
Player : 1

Age : 16-60 years old




Investigate cases of demonic possession, and use holy items to exorcise demons from their victims. Set in the academy-award winning world created by horror maestro William Peter Baltty. Each case features a unique demonic entity that will test your courage and resolve. Not for the faint-hearted!


The storm has been raging for what feels like an eternity. As your windows clatter open yet again, you feel that something is not quite right. You cannot go back to sleep.. and you must explore the building to its depth. A lantern is all you will have to confront the darkness and the monsters that lurk within.


Genre : Horror
Player : 1

Age : 16 - 60 years old




You are trapped inside a massive dungeon and are being stalked by the creatures that inhabit its corridors! Find the exit of the maze using your map and lantern to escape alive! Each monster requires a unique approach, and the map changes with each new game.


TRAVR : Shadow Ops

Genre : Shooter, Horror
Player : 1

Age : 6 - 60 years old




Take on the role of a secret agent called upon to solve mysterious occurrences in the near future. Agent Omega is transported to a covert "Blacksite" facility where a team of scientists has been attempting to weaponise a holy artifact linked to demonic possession. Prepare to face the awful fallout of these experiments!




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