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How many Virtuix Omni VR  devices do you have?


What is the minimum number of players?


What is the minimum age requirement?

6-year old

What is the minimum height requirement?


How many games can I play within an hour?

Usually 2-3 games

Do I need to choose game in advance?

Choose upon arrival 

Can I wear my glasses?

Yes (recommend contact lens)

Do I need to book in advance?


Can I postpone my booking?

No postponement after deposit is paid
*For private booking, package cannot be changed after the deposit is paid

Anything else need to pay attention?

-Please wear/bring a pair of socks

-Bring some drinks to fill up your energy

-Avoid eating too much before you come

-For girls and ladies, not recommend to wear dress

Care of Equipment

-All customer should be responsible for any and all damage to any of the equipment in the venue. If the equipment (e.g, VR headcount, controllers, racing wheel or pedal, etc.) is damaged by customer and can no longer be used, the full retail price of the unit will be borne by the customer. VR ARENA CWB is entitled to claim the relevant monetary sum from the customer. 

Terms & Conditions

By making a reservation, you agree to abide the following terms and conditions.
-The minimum age requirement is 6-year old with at least 125cm tall for safety reason.
-All children under the aged of 12 are required to be supervised by a relevant adult aged 18+. 
-50% non-refundable deposit is required upon confirmation of booking, and the balance should be paid upon arrival. No change, cancellation and postponement once deposit is paid.  
-All customer must listen carefully to our staff on how to use the equipment properly and request for assistance when necessary.
-With the highly advanced technology, VR devices may sometimes malfunction. VR ARENA CWB endeavour to rectify issues as quickly as possible. Please be patience during this process and any time lost in the session will be compensated. On occasions where it is not possible to compensate session time (such as the next is a private session), then any time lost will be credited back for next booking, or refund a certain amount. 
-In the interests of hygiene and the protection of equipment, customer are required to wear a facial mask provided when putting on the VR headcount
-Customer must notify staff if they have any motion sickness (e.g, dizzy, headache, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, sweating, fatigue, drowsiness, disorientation, or apathy, etc.)
-All customer must keep clear of the VR area and not interfere with players using the equipment. Be mindful that users will be be able to physically see you when wearing a VR headcount. Touching or pushing players when they are playing VR might cause serious harm to person and damage to equipment. 
-All damaged caused to equipment during a session by customer must be paid for in full. 
-Your session time may have reduced for late arrival as it would impact on the next session. 
-Please stop the VR experience if you are tired, feel unwell or 
occur any motion sicknesses. 
-There is no responsibility for personal possessions brought onto the premises. VR Hong Kong Limited will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of items. 
-Gift vouchers can be redeemed by making a reservation without any time limit. 

If you continue to browse and use website and make a booking, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the policies. The content of the pages of is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without any notice.

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