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World Class VR & E-Sports Facilities

Walk & Run in VR

The only way to move freely in 360° and at full speed in Metaverse without getting hurt. The Omni enables unparalleled gameplay action.

Multiplayer x 6 

Experience multiplayer and endless Metaverse within a small footprint. The Omni is the world's most compact VR platform.

Gaming with Omniverse

Play more than 24 of the world's top VR games exclusively for Omni, including zombies, action, shooting, sports, adventure, room escape, haunted house.. and more!


Esports Facilities 

All Esports facilities you can enjoy, including Virtuix Omni VR, Racing Simulator and PS4

Why us?

1) The only VR treadmills allow you to walk & run in virtual world

2) Do not need to wear a large and heavy packpack

3) No chance to bump into other players

4) Do not need to play with strangers (even non-private)

5) Unlimited VR game choices 

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